Our Team

Lisa Lunsford

Lisa Lunsford, BSW, CACII, CAMS, CRPS
Founder and Executive Director
Imagine Women’s Recovery, LLC

Lisa Lunsford has worked in the substance abuse field since 1990. In long-term recovery herself, Lisa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and is a Nationally Certified Addiction Counselor II through the National Association for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors. She is a Certified Anger Management Specialist and Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist, has served on a multitude of Boards, and has received many accolades and awards for her dedication and achievements in the recovery community.

Lisa helped found one of the first residential substance abuse adolescent programs in the Southeast in 1990. Subsequently, in response to the  HIV/AIDS epidemic, she moved to San Francisco to serve as Executive Director of a non-profit organization serving that particular population. After her return to Atlanta, she served as Program Director of Safety Net Recovery Women’s Program from 2015-2019. In 2019, she purchased the women’s program and founded Imagine Women’s Recovery, a recovery residence/sober living community in the metro Atlanta area.

Lisa has built a strong reputation in the recovery community with her “no- nonsense” approach to recovery and has been quoted as saying “we must tell the truth as this is a matter of life or death, we don’t have time to play games with people’s lives.”

Whitney Fox, MS, Director of Business Development & Recovery Coach

Whitney grew up in Columbia, South Carolina and followed a long family legacy to Clemson University where she attended college. There she received her Bachelor of Science in Marketing, immediately followed by her Master of Science in Graphic Communications.

Whitney is a graduate of Imagine Women’s Recovery and is now in long-term recovery. Whitney has always maintained a heart of service, even throughout her own struggles with the disease of addiction. After graduating from Imagine, Whitney entered back into her former career field of Event Production. Although still excellent in the field, her idea of true happiness had shifted. Whitney is now driven by internal values rather than seeking to portray someone she felt she was supposed to be based on social perception and the acceptance of others. Thus began Whitney’s journey to help others and give back to what was so selflessly given to her.

Whitney is currently pursuing her Master's in Clinical Social Work and seeking certification in Addiction Counseling. She enjoys spending time with her dog (Chopin), friends, and family. She also loves Clemson football, traveling, the beach, and music.

Carolyn Lunsford, Recovery Coach

Ausrine “Ocean” Nevins, MSW, CACII, Director of Operations

Ausrine Nevins, affectionately known around Imagine Women’s Recovery as “Ocean”, is originally from Lithuania but grew up in Marietta, GA. She has worn many hats in her life and finds the most gratifying work is helping and teaching others. She graduated in 2008 from Oglethorpe University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and French and is a Certified TESOL/TEFL teacher.

In a way, the field of addiction recovery chose Ausrine. Through her own lived experience with the disease of addiction, she came to know how life-threatening and painful it is without help. She wants to shed light on the disease of addiction, removing the stigma and shame that surrounds it.  As a former client of Imagine Women’s Recovery, formerly Safety Net Recovery Women’s Program, Ausrine knows that a sober living program that provides a supportive community emphasizing structure and accountability is fundamental in increasing the chances for successful long-term recovery.

Ausrine recently received a Master's in Clinical Social Work, as well as her certification in Addiction Counseling. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends (and their pets) and loves road trips, trying new recipes, crosswords, and being in nature.

Angelique Andrus, Recovery Coach, RMA

Angelique is a nationally certified recovery coach. Prior to coming on board at Imagine Women’s Recovery, Angelique worked as a medical assistant. Having previously worked in the recovery field, it was not long before she felt a calling to return to her passion - working with other addicts and alcoholics.

Angelique is in long-term recovery and is dedicated to supporting and helping others as they go through their own battles with substance abuse. Witnessing individuals as they rebuild their lives is what fuels her passion. “This process is not easy. Walking through the uncomfortable is not easy. It might be a slow crawl, but freedom is obtainable and no one has to do it alone. You have to get uncomfortable in order to grow.”

Angelique is currently pursuing certification in addiction counseling. She enjoys spending time with her son, fiance, and dog (Apollo-Bear). She also loves kayaking, hiking, CrossFit, and horseback riding.

Anna Stumbo, CAC

Sam Smith, Activities Director

As a recovering opiate addict who struggled with addiction and maintaining any type of long-term sobriety, it is an honor to be a part of Imagine Women's Recovery and to watch these women strive to recreate their lives.

After getting sober in 2016, I became passionate about connecting my body with my mind through various activities. It has been one of the many things I have done in my own recovery that continues to help me grow physically, mentally, and spiritually.

During my journey, I have created a career as an accountant in commercial real estate while also being blessed to find ways to share my passion for connecting mind, body, and spirit through a program like Imagine that offers these services. I discovered that I am uniquely equipped to help others who are struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues who have been disconnected from the things they once genuinely enjoyed in life.

I am excited to be a part of the Imagine team as the Activities Director and to witness and partake in the healing and transformation of countless lives that cross my path.

Ansley Campbell, MA, LMFT

Process Group Therapist

Ansley serves as Clinical Director at The Summit Wellness Group and is a part of Attento private practice. She has worked in the field of addiction treatment with adults for the past seven years in Residential, PHP and IOP levels of care. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, Ansley finds passion in helping family systems find support and move through the process of recovery. She specializes in treating addiction, trauma and the LGBTQ population.

Ansley received her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at Appalachian State University and Bachelors in Psychology at Georgia College and State University.

Jessica Messler, APC, LPMT, MT-BC

Music / Process Group Therapist

Jessica Messler was born and raised in the suburbs of North Atlanta. Upon graduating high school Jessica attended the University of Georgia’s Hugh Hodgson School of Music with a concentration in music therapy. She then went on to the University of Georgia to receive her Bachelor's in Music Therapy and Master's in Professional Counseling. As signified from her multiple degrees, Jessica has a passion for reaching people through a variety of therapeutic techniques. Jessica believes that music and the relatedness through process group therapy provide the ability to connect people with not only each other but with themselves.

Jessica is married to a music teacher, has two dogs (Leia and Midna), and one cat (Kyuubi). Outside of work, you can find Jessica watching anime with her husband, writing short stories, or crafting.